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When can a baby drink water? Solve doubts in your mother’s mind. Why Babies Can’t Drink Water

When can a baby drink water? Solve doubts in your mother’s mind. Why Babies Can’t Drink Water

 When can a baby drink water? How to raise a modern child Do you recommend that Babies are forbidden to drink water. Causing many families to wonder Why Babies Can’t Drink Water What are the consequences? And at what month can babies drink water? Today we have an answer for you.

          Currently raising children The modern age is different from the ancient beliefs of the old generation. One of them is the story Babies are forbidden to drink water. It becomes a question in the minds of many mothers because some families still feed the baby , believing that after drinking milk, they should drink water to rinse their mouths. This will keep your tongue from fogging and will help reduce jaundice. But did you know that the wrong parenting mistake just overfeeding your baby can be life-threatening? Until having to go to the hospital for a long time When this is the case, when should we give the baby water? Then why should the baby not drink water? What are the negative effects on the baby’s body? Today, jar dot com has facts and advice on baby water intake for new parents.

Why Babies Can’t Drink Water

          In this regard, the World Health Organization recommends that Newborns should be exclusively breastfed. There is no need to drink water or give any supplementary food. That’s because breast milk is 80% water, which is already enough water and nutrients for the baby’s needs. Giving your baby more water will cause the baby’s body to get too much water. In addition to making you full quickly It also results in eating less milk. Mineral salts in the body are diluted. The weight is not up to the criteria as well.
Mother’s milk also contains anti-fungal substances that will be born in the baby’s mouth. Therefore, there is no need to enter water to rinse the mouth. If the mother wants to wash the mouth for the child It is recommended to use clean diapers wrapped around the fingers. Moistened with clean boiled water, wipe the gums, oral cavity, cheeks for the baby after taking a shower. As for solving the problem of yellow body Do not supplement with water or milk powder. But should let the baby drink mother’s milk often, suck seriously, 8-10 meals a day, because in the front milk there is lactose. It helps excrete yellow substances out of the feces.

can baby drink water Is it really life threatening?

          Feeding water to a child under 6 months of age can cause adverse health effects as follows:

  • lack of essential nutrients

          when feeding large amounts of water to small children Often causes the child to eat less breast milk or formula. therefore not getting enough nutrients for the body to the point of lack of nutrients It also gives the mother a chance that the milk supply will decrease as the baby sucks less.

  • There is a chance of gastrointestinal infections.

          Children under 6-12 months should not drink filtered or bottled water without being boiled first. Because the child’s immunity is still young Therefore, there is a chance to be at risk of foodborne infections easily.

  • water poisoning

          This condition can occur in babies under 6 months of age. Feeding too much water to a child can cause the child’s kidneys to not work properly. unable to filter the liquid in time It may also dilute the sodium concentration. which is an important mineral in the body that helps maintain water balance between inside and outside cells Children who are over-hydrated are unable to balance. may result in abnormalities in the brain cerebral edema and death

When can a baby drink water? How many months old can I drink water?

          Giving the baby water should start when the baby is 6 months old, because the immune system in the baby’s body has already started to work effectively by the 6-12 month old baby who starts receiving complementary foods besides milk. May be able to start sucking water from a sippy cup. so as not to cause stiff neck But the amount doesn’t have to be much, just 2-3 ounces and should be given after eating. It should not be substituted for breast milk or formula. Importantly, drinking water that is fed to children should be boiled water that has been cooled. It is also a good idea to clean your child’s glass container or water bottle regularly. Because germs from the container can cause diarrhea to children.
          After 1 year of age, children need 3 main meals, and milk becomes complementary food. At that time, parents can have their children drink water according to their needs.

When should babies drink formula milk and formula milk?

          In the case of infants eating powdered milk Mothers can only add a small amount of water to rinse the mouth, just 2-3 drops are enough to wash the milk stains out of the mouth. Because the amount of water used to make formula milk is enough for the needs of the baby. except when the baby has a fever The heat causes you to sweat a lot. and the child does not want to drink more milk may ask for water only, however, if the baby wants more breast milk Plain water is not necessary.

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