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What is Baby Crystal and why is it dangerous to the baby’s life?

What is Baby Crystal and why is it dangerous to the baby’s life?

  Baby Crystal, a dangerous toy that can affect your baby’s life. Let’s get to know each other. What is Baby Crystal, why is it dangerous, and how should parents be careful?

          Recently, parents should have seen the news about a dangerous children’s toy called ” Baby Crystal ” that if swallowed by a child , will cause intestinal obstruction to the point that it must be surgically removed, which can be fatal. makes many people want to know What is Baby Crystal? How is it dangerous for children? and parents must use how to raise children How to prevent the child from putting foreign objects into the mouth Jar dot com will take you to find the answer.

What is Baby Crystal?

          “Baby Crystal” (Baby Crystal), also known as mermaid tears It is a polymer with two types of substances: polyacrylamide. (Polyacrylamide) and vinyl acetate – ethylene copolymer (Vinylacetate-ethylene copolymer) is the size of a pencil lead. When soaked in water, it will absorb water. Causing it to inflate more and more and can become approximately 100 times larger, when fully inflated, can break up into more spheres, which children will like to soak in the water to compete to see whose baby crystal produces more balls The real purpose of these polymers will be used in disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and science soil. suitable for planting trees

How dangerous is Baby Crystal for babies?

          With its colorful appearance and low price, it is easy for children to buy and play. But it will be very dangerous for the baby if accidentally ingested because Baby Crystal can swell up to 5 times in the human body by absorbing water from the body such as gastric juice. If it enters the intestines, it will cause a blockage and draw water out of the intestinal cavity. This causes dehydration and infection. The important thing is that when the baby crystal swells to a certain level, it will burst. When the new one sucks in more water, it will continue to grow until it breaks out again. The symptom is causing the child to have colic, distension, especially if the baby crystal stays in the upper esophagus. or choking into the windpipe It will cause acute obstruction and respiratory failure if it cannot be removed. until it may be fatal

Baby Crystal Selling is an offense.

          In fact, baby crystal is a dangerous item that has been banned as a toy since 1984 by the Consumer Protection Board. Has issued an order of the Consumer Protection Board No. 9/2527 on the prohibition of selling products called “Inflatable toys when immersed in water or a water sucker” because it is harmful to consumers. especially small children along with imposing penalties If it is found that there are entrepreneurs who violate production for sale, order or import into the country to sell or sell products Imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, a fine not exceeding 600,000 baht, or both.

Other dangerous toys that parents should be aware of

          In addition to Baby Crystal There are many toys that parents should be careful not to play with their children. Especially children under 3 years old because they may accidentally put those toys in their mouths to the point of danger, such as
  • Whistle – Blowing whistle, blowing horn or a family toy with a “whistle” inside because when a child blows, it may slip into the throat and windpipe.
  • Slime – A squishy object that children love, but sometimes the materials used to make it are quite dangerous. Whether it is dangerous substances such as borax, arsenic, lead, and heavy metals. And also use glue. thus causing residues in the body Even if you accidentally put it in your mouth, it’s even more dangerous.
  • Toys with ropes – as they can strangle your baby.
  • Magnetic beads – due to their small size and may enter the baby’s throat as well
  • Other toys with small parts , even coins, these are all dangerous. Because of the risk that the child will put it in the mouth and easily fall into the windpipe

How to prevent, watch out or observe the child when a foreign body enters the mouth

          Children under 3 often don’t know if something is dangerous or not. and will put it in their mouths with developmental curiosity So what parents should do is
  • Be careful and keep the house tidy. Make sure there are no toy pieces or small objects on the floor that children can reach and grab into their mouths.
  • Always observe your child’s symptoms. If a child swallows a foreign object, they often have the following symptoms: coughing, choking, shortness of breath, sore throat, refusal to swallow saliva. or excessive salivation Vomiting blood in the stomach Abdominal pain If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you know that your child has swallowed a foreign object, do not choke or induce vomiting. as this may increase the risk of injury. Or foreign objects may come out and obstruct the airways, causing death.

          Swallowing a foreign body for a child is a very serious matter and can have a life-threatening effect. Therefore, parents must be careful and careful. Including should not buy toys that may be dangerous for children to play it best.

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