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The stage is boiling! Open speech Jeem VS Paiboon #Miss Grand and the future of Thailand, trending

The stage is boiling! Open speech Jeem VS Paiboon #Miss Grand and the future of Thailand, trending.


Open the word Jeem Chayathanus VS Paiboon Nititawan on stage Miss Grand Thailand 2023 is extremely hot while #Miss Grand and the future of Thailand trending on twitter


  • It’s a hot trend in social media right now. for beauty pageant Miss Grand Thailand 2023, which brought all 77 contestants representing beautiful women from 77 provinces to ask questions and talk to politicians from different parties until making the hashtags of this event like #Miss Grand and the future of Thailand trending on twitter 

              The highlight that has been talked about a lot is when Jeem Chayathanus, a  former Miss Universe Thailand 2020 contestant, who this year participated in the Miss Grand contest as Miss Grand Lamphun Clashed with Mr. Paiboon Nititawan,  deputy leader of the Pracharath Party. who took the stage to express his vision

              In this regard, Cher Aim mentioned the Prevention and Suppression of Torture and Enforced Disappearance Act. The proposal passed the first step in February, but was hit by the Emergency Decree. order to postpone along with mentioning Mr. Billy Polajee Rakchongcharoen, a Karen people from Ban Bang Kloy and Mr. Wanchalerm Satsaksit Political Activists Abducted, Killed and Disappeared

  • Cher Aim questioned, “If your party were to be represented in the future What can be done to heal bereaved families and everyone in society who has been traumatized? There is a wound from your group. Since the day of the coup d’etat How to make people feel that if they choose you, they will not be subjected to violence? The other 2 

         people I did not work with because they have passed away are: 1. Billy Polajee Rakchongcharoen, Karen people of Ban Bang Kloy and 2. Ms. Wanchalerm Satsaksit So please speak to everyone in the society who is afraid while demanding their rights under your government.”


  • Mr. Paiboon replied, “I was in the committee that made this Act. What I had to do was to go through the conflict. I’ve been through many generations of gatherings. through agitation All parties were lost and wounded. There are two things that must be done, one must not happen the other. The second thing needs to be healed,” 

              Cher Em said, “I was shot by a government official on February 13, 2020 with tear gas. It is expected that in 2020, you are still in the government. This is the voice of the people who have gathered to tell him. Didn’t tell him to keep them quiet. but to make you listen to the people.”

              On the other hand, Mr. Paiboon promised that if he became the government, he would push this matter forward. along with saying must increase listening to the voices of the new generation by inviting them to meet in the council which Jeaim said he often went to the council to climb the barbed wire fence It was also shot by tear gas. I’ve never been through a container to talk to. which Mr. Paiboon said You don’t have to do that, just call and make an appointment and go sit and talk in the council. which Jeaim told Mr. Paiboon to pick up his mobile phone before saving the phone number and submitted to the media to record as evidence ready for everyone to witness

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