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The prosecutor postponed hearing the FOREX-3D Baitoey-DJ Man case. get stressed every day because there is no job

The prosecutor postponed hearing the FOREX-3D Baitoey-DJ Man case. get stressed every day because there is no job.


  • Baitoey Suteewan – DJ Man meets with the prosecutor to listen to the FOREX-3D lawsuit order, postponed the appointment to April 10, 2023, accepting stress every day. because there is no job but never thought of escaping
  • Today (March 16, 2023), after Baitoey Suthiwan and DJ Man Pattanapol Kunchorn came to the Special Investigation Prosecutor’s Office on Ratchadapisek Road to listen to the order of the Forex-3D fraud case according to the special case prosecutor’s appointment. Most recently, the prosecutor has postponed the order whether to sue or not to April 10.
  • DJ Man and Bai Toey admitted in an interview that Since this happened, there has been stress every day. because he had never seen an event like this before and that he is a famous person as well It makes many impacts in life. especially about less work
  •           and that the prosecutor ordered to postpone today made him understand the legal process that It’s a delicate and complex matter. Because there are many documents that the prosecutor has to consider thoroughly and has not yet been completed. which must thank him for giving him time to consult with a lawyer to fight the case In the past, we have cooperated with officials in every step. Since reporting and submitting documents, he has never escaped as previously reported.


  • For this case, DSI investigators A total of 16 suspects were summoned and commented on the summary of the case against 8 people, consisting of DJ Man, Baitoey, Mr. Chatchai or Sua Kochatin, Mr. Thiraphatsakorn or Mark Kimwangtako, Mr. Suranat Nakmusik, Mr. Ayuwat Chaimethanakul, Mr. Daryl Young and Mr. Adam Pogari, Mr. Adam is Hungarian. Returned to the country for more than a year.
  •           As for the offenses of all 8 suspects, the DSI charged them with joint borrowing that defrauded the public, defrauding the people. and jointly import into the computer system which is false computer data in a manner that is likely to cause damage to others or the public


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