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Nara crepe katoei mediation for random box refund begging for time to pay off debt Open numbers… how many millions?

Nara crepe katoei mediation for random box refund begging for time to pay off debt Open numbers… how many millions?

  •  Nara Krepekatoey submits a letter to the Ministry of Justice Ask for a mediation to return the random box, there are 98 left, the total amount is about 12 million baht, selling goods to pay off debt. not involved in gambling
  • On March 17, 2023, the Thai news agency reported that Mr. Decha Kittiwittayanan, a lawyer, along with Mr. Aniwat Prathumthin or Nara Crepe, a famous net idol. Submit a letter to the secretary to the Minister of Justice. To be a mediator to return the victim’s money to random boxes and open unpaid bills.
  • Lawyer Decha said that the purpose of filing this letter is to use the legal channels of the Ministry of Justice to mediate civil disputes. By acting as a mediator for every customer who buys a random box and opens the bill separate from criminal cases If Nara is wrong, she must be punished.
  • Nara said that he came out this time to show his sincerity that he never thought of escaping debt, trying to find everyone, but asking for time now from the social trend and having people turbulent causing him to not be able to live and sell things. Previously, the random box was opened for sale from August 2022 to February 3, 2023, ranging from thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and guaranteed to get gold, for example, if the 100,000 box will get 4 baht of gold, but there must be a waiting period. If the customer can accept it, then buy it. And in the past, there were real people
  • At some point, he felt that he could not go on. Therefore, it will stop and ask for a refund of only the capital that has been sold. and would like to gradually use it back periodically But some were dissatisfied and came out to unfold. Emphasize that previously, the random box has gradually paid back the debt from 500 people until now there are 98 people left, excluding those who come to open the bill with him who have to gradually use another hundred people. Not yet evaluated But will find money to pay off everyone’s debts. With the money that opens the bill to stock products to pay debts, random boxes, collagen, fiber, gluta, if sold, can be healed at all
  • Accept that for a period of 6 months, the proceeds from the sale of random boxes Take it for a spin in business. Used to sell so well that it reached the point where it was impossible to continue. Therefore would like to return the investment for everyone who bought it before until it happened The part where there is news that the money was invested in stocks or crypto completely confirm that it’s not true and no horse account Not affiliated with gambling sites Able to check the financial path
  • At present, the property has been gradually sold to make money to pay off the debt, such as a car, but due to the fact that it is financing, it cannot be sold at a high price. The house was mortgaged to the bank to pay off the debt. As for going back, opening a crepe shop to make money using debt as your own capital. There is no fundraising according to the attacking news. which wants the relevant agencies to take action against fake pages that deceive fans as well Confirm, ask for the opportunity from customers to trust that the product is actually delivered. Now back to live selling Want customers to support If they are able to return to sell their stocked products, they will be able to gradually repay their outstanding debts within May.


  • Acting Second Lieutenant Thanakrit Jit Areerat The secretary to the Minister of Justice said that from inquiry in this case, the amount that Nara owes the debtor is 12 million baht. There is a lack of cash flow in the business. Problems from selling things are not the same. causing inability to pay debts on schedule There have been about 2 cases of prosecution by the Ministry of Justice under the authority of the Ministry of Justice. Mediation Act Will help in the case of a limit of not more than 5 million per person, by setting up a mediation point to bring a list of names with the amount that must be returned for each person who wants to mediate quickly or another way to submit an application through the online website of the Department of Rights Protection in which the agreement is to be paid in installments have a clear timeline


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