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Doctors worried about the rally causing the COVID-19 outbreak to spread again Hiring the government to take care of urgent care for Thai people throughout the country.

Doctors worried about the rally causing the COVID-19 outbreak to spread again Hiring the government to take care of urgent care for Thai people throughout the country.

Chulalongkorn University reveals that the global situation is still critical Fear of the rally causing COVID-19 in Thailand to return to the epidemic again because it is a high-risk activity and spread widely Urge the state to deal urgently because it is about the life and death of the whole country.


  • On July 20, 2020, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira Worathanarat, M.D., Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via Facebook Thira Woratanarat expressing concern about the event of the Liberation Youth Group gathering on July 18, 2020, stating that now the cumulative number of patients worldwide will reach 15 million in the next 2 days after At last, 226,781 more people were infected around the world, bringing a total of 14,602,504 people.
  • In the past, Thailand has always managed to control the COVID-19 epidemic problem , but the turning point stems from the determination of different practices among target groups. and problems from coordination between agencies at the area level causing the confidence and faith in the system to decrease This is a political opportunity that causes various undesirable activities to occur despite the ongoing epidemic war. Both fighting in places that unlock high-risk businesses and the outside battle where foreigners gradually arrived as scheduled, about 30,000 people, just these 2 things were already heavy



  • But what would be a formidable threat and difficult to manage is “mass gathering” or mass gathering because it is what causes a severe outbreak in many countries that have this situation. Due to the gathering, there are many people, crowded, close together, staying together for a long time. There was a rousing talk, shouting. and have less defensive behaviors, such as sometimes wearing masks or not wearing them The sharing of physically handicapped items doesn’t even count, making it the “highest risk activity” of the country’s battle against COVID- 19.
  •           Therefore, the main question of the Prime Minister, the NCCC and the NSC is to stop or prohibit the assembly. no matter which method is used because such a matter is the life and death of the whole country Organizing such activities in the midst of an epidemic situation where there is no standard medicine. There is no vaccine against that. It poses a risk to the majority of people in society.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thira stressed that a person’s right should only exist when acting without causing harm to other people. What to do, must know the tact Expression can be done in many ways. While the state itself must find a way to allow dissident parties to submit information and ideas for development or solving social problems according to the “united Thais create a nation” approach to success. And most importantly, the idea of ​​bringing foreign tourists into the country should be abandoned. Ready to ask for patience, restraint, saving, stand on one’s own feet and adhere to the principle of sufficiency economy. Otherwise, we certainly won’t survive.

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