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Can’t be shocked! Eagerly looking at the toilet, seeing a snake’s head popping out, quickly fled. Sister is not a small child

Can’t be shocked! Eagerly looking at the toilet, seeing a snake’s head popping out, quickly fled. Sister is not a small child.

Frightened, the owner of the house will relieve suffering. Found a python’s head popping into the toilet He was not a small one, he quickly fled. Rescuers had to flush out the toilet. Stunned up to 5 meters long.


On March 18, 2023, Facebook Sorayuth Suthassanachinda, a news reporter, reported a terrifying case that was like a near-near threat. Phraeksa Mai Municipality Protection Officer was informed by the villagers that a snake was found in the toilet In the bathroom of a house Within the village of Pruksa 15 Soi 6, Tambon Phraeksa Mai, Amphoe Mueang, Samut Prakan Province During the evening of yesterday (March 17) 

by the staff to inspect Found at the scene a 2-storey townhouse, the downstairs bathroom found the head of a python emerging from the toilet. therefore trying to use a device to catch the snake out But because the snake is longer than 5 meters, lying coiled inside Officers had to smash the toilet to get the snake out. It took more than 30 minutes to bring the snake out successfully.


  • The homeowner said While going to relieve suffering Noticing that there was something foreign in the toilet, flushed the water once, then the snake’s head came out. He was shocked, so he ran out of the bathroom and called. Inform the staff to help
  • Therefore, I would like to remind you that if you go to the toilet, pay attention before sitting or find a way to prevent it, especially the downstairs bathroom. Otherwise it could be dangerous.


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